Experts in sustainable agricultural supply chains

I work with

civil society, industry and governments

to make agricultural supply chains

more sustainable.

Project Partners

Examples of the projects that I work on

Director of the Chocolate Scorecard

Be Slavery Free

September 2022-current

The Chocolate Scorecard ranks and grades the world’s largest cocoa and chocolate companies. It is coordinated by Be Slavery Free, with universities, consultants and civil society groups engaging in transforming the chocolate industry.

Learn more about the Chocolate Scorecard and Be Slavery Free

Cocoa and Coffee Researcher

CBI, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands


CBI is the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries, part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands. CBI helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) strengthen their economic, social and environmental sustainability. Learn more about CBI

I write studies on cocoa and coffee aimed at helping SME exporters from producing countries get market access in Europe.

Published studies include:

8 tips to go green in the cocoa sector

Exporting cocoa to Belgium

Exporting cocoa to the Netherlands

Exporting multi-certified coffee to Europe

Member of the Bid Evaluation Committee

SECO and SWISSCO, Switzerland

September 2022-October 2023

SWISSCO is the Swiss Initiative for Sustainable Cocoa, a multi-stakeholder initiative for more sustainability in the cocoa value chain.

SECO is the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs in Switzerland.

SWISSCO and SECO contribute to more sustainable cocoa value chains.

I am a member of the Bid Evaluation Committee that evaluates landscape proposals on behalf of SECO and SWISSCO

Learn more about SECO and SWISSCO

Work for Chocolate companies

Project-based traceability work for multinational chocolate companies.

One project completed (2022)

One project ongoing (2023-2024)

Other projects

Moderator for two sessions at the 2024 Future of Food and Beverage conference in Amsterdam.

I also work with a large network of sustainability consultants.

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